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LogPlot (ログプロット)

LogPlot ギャラリー


Soil test boring log with USCS classification, lithology, symbols and well installation Environmental boring log with USCS and hydrocarbon contaminant measurements Sample hydrology boring log with lithology, water level, LNAPL, DNAPL, Benzene and Toluene data.
Geotechnical boring log with lithology, RQD %, rock hardness, core recovery and well installation. The header also contains a topographic map with borehole location. A boring log showing the United Soil Classification System (USCS) Environmental boring log showing results of radon testing
Soils boring log showing VOC, LEL% and hydrocarbon contaminant measurement data Sample well construction diagram Civil engineering: Penn-DOT boring log



Petroleum exploration in a sedimentary basin. Boring log shows formation stratigraphy and time interval data. Resistivity, sonic, gamma ray, caliper and DST data are also given. A mudlogging example (natural gas exploration) showing lithology, total gas, methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, cuttings lithology, cored intervals, drill rates, DSTs and gas quality. Four geophysical curves for gamma, sonic, resistivity and spontaneous potential
Geophysics well log with a lithology column and gamma-gamma, caliper, neutron, natural gamma, resistivity and spontaneous potential curves. This well log also demonstrates LogPlot’s capability for creating extra long logs Sample elog with various crossplots for spontaneous potential, gamma ray, shallow and deep resistivity, induction, neutron LS, photoelectric and sonic data.  



A mining industry drillhole core log, showing metal assay data, major element oxides, core recovery, mineralization and alteration lithology. A sample drillhole log used in coal exploration- the log shows values for BTU, ash content, and sedimentary stratigraphy. Ag-Au assay values in calc-silicate mineralized dolostones. Skarn alteration, quartz veining, Fe/Mn oxidation and cored log intervals are also given.