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Surfer (サーファー)

Surfer を利用したマップ作成事例

Visualize Density of Data Clusters
画像提供:Bernhard Seubert, PT PetroPEP Nusantara


Mapping Bathymetric Features in the North Pole
画像提供:Dr. John Hall
Base of Vienna Limestone – Rhodes School Field
画像提供:Andrew C. Kellie, PLS, Professor Emeritus, Murray State


Combine Products for a Complete Display
画像提供:Batole Pty. Ltd
Depth Structure & Gross Oil Pay Maps
画像提供:Batole Pty. Ltd


Fault Orientation
Depth to Xg Surfac
Image courtesy of Brett D. Smith, PE, LG, ECA Geophysics


Colorado River Inflow to Hoover Dam
Image provided by Janet Kirsch
Multiple Cross Sections
画像提供:Adrian Peinado


Surfer Gridding Methods
画像提供:Rob Golding
Subduction Profile of Costa Rica


Water Supply Project
Archaeological remains of buildings
画像提供:Mustafa Kaymak


Modeling Arsenic Geochemistry
画像提供:Bernhard Hochwimmer, Executive Director & Manager Geology, Dart Mining NL
Variation in Calculated Thermal Conductivity with Mineralogical Composition
画像提供:Jeff Markle of the Ministry of the Environment, Canada


Impact of the Burdekin River Discharge on the Central Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Felicity McAllister
Transitive Zone of the Sea Gas Pipeline-Coast of Yamal
画像提供:Oleg A. Uvarov of PeterGaz Ltd. in Russia